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My Testimony

Welcome to my online home. As I am typing, the sun is streaming through the window and is highlighting my fat cat Lilly, who charmingly begs for affection while stretching across my laptop. She reaches her paw gently to nudge me and I don’t have the heart to shoo her away. I believe God gently nudges us too! Like my cat Lilly, He is tenacious in His pursuit of our attention and love. Sometimes, He gets our attention through traumatic experiences; other times His calling is soft like the coo of a dove. If we aren’t tuned in, (and often I’m not) we miss the opportunity to feel the magnitude of His love.

My relationship with Christ started at fifteen at a Young Life camp in Arizona. I suffered through a chaotic, abusive home life and was mentally and spiritually lost. Lying on my cabin bunk, I asked God to come into my life and I felt His spirit move me in a way that I had never felt before. For the first time in my life, I felt love, peace, and calm. His gentle voice spoke: “It’s ok; I’m with you now.” And I wept till the morning light.

After college, I waitressed, started an antiques business, married, birthed two beautiful children, rescued countless animals, coached little league sports, started a dance ministry, worked missions in New Orleans and Puerto Rico, learned to paint, and began writing.

I prefer quiet places in nature, sunshine, and solitude as opposed to crowds, fluorescent lights, or shopping malls.

I have attention deficit disorder and dyslexia, so I struggle with the Old Testament because of so many names and places to remember. I also struggle with the violence (I’ve been meaning to speak to God about this) because of my turbulent childhood. I prefer the New Testament which highlights Jesus’s gentle, loving spirit, His vibrant metaphors, and His teaching parables.

I’ve had many encounters with the divine and often wonder why. What I do know, is that I talk to God, just like I would talk to you, and occasionally He talks back. He also sends me signs like cardinals and once He sent a black angel who prayed for my life. For weeks He filled me with sublime peace when I was suffering immense anxiety. I also wrestle with God, like Jacob in the Old Testament. (it feels good to know I’m in good company.) I ask God lots of questions. Mainly I want to know how He manages everything and exactly what He had in mind when creating the male species. (I’ve suggested a few upgrades!) Mostly, God laughs at my questions. Sometimes I get angry at God, but He never gets angry back. He loves me unconditionally in the same way He loves you. I hope you’ll join me on this journey of faith.

Feel free to email me with prayer requests, share your story, or just to say hi.

Peace and Blessings

Into The Garden

Cathy Lynn Gregory’s book, Into the Garden: Lessons on a Spiritual Journey speaks to the issue of human struggle and offers a lifeline to spiritual wisdom.